Rain Activ – 10 ways we can slash your SuDS costs.

Rain Activ – 10 ways we can slash your SuDS costs.

Rain Activ is an innovative new SuDS device that makes sustainable drainage more cost effective than ever.

No. It isn’t a silver bullet for all sites. But for smaller developments, low run off, or brownfield sites we can nearly always reduce the cost and complexity of your sustainable drainage design with Rain Activ.

Our aim has been to create a simpler, more cost effective design for controlled attenuation that is loved by developers, planners and engineers alike.

Here are 10 ways Rain Activ can reduce your sustainable drainage costs.

1.      A simple idea, smartly executed.

Rain Activ is an incredibly simple design, filtering water and discharging through a small orifice. From conception the system has been designed to keep costs low; manufacturing the filter and flow control in plastic rather than stainless steel.


2.      Planning authority friendly calculations as standard, included in the price.

We don’t sell systems unless we’ve provided Micro Drainage hydraulic calculations to demonstrate the system will perform during storm events. In most cases, this is the only way to gain planning consent.

Normally these kind of calculations can cost thousands from a consultant engineer. With Rain Activ, it’s all included in the price.

3.      Everything comes as a ready to install package.

Every system we supply comes fully assembled, as one calibrated unit ready to install.

Most SuDS systems are riddled with additional costs when you purchase hydraulic calculations, a tank, concrete manhole, and flow control separately.

Skip the cost, hassle, and site delays with Rain Activ.

4.      We only use the high quality shallow dig tanks, keeping installation costs to a minimum.

Our tanks only require an excavation of 1-1.5m making installation simple, quick and safe. There’s no concrete required (back-fill with compactable aggregate) and connect the inlet and outlet.

5.      No specialist training required, any groundworks team can install.

With installation this simple, no expensive specialists are required.

6.      Zero maintenance costs.

Rain Activ uses a self cleaning filter that requires such little maintenance it is usually the responsibility of the home owner.

Just one quick, simple, safe visual check per year is all that’s required.

7.      In stock, ready for a quick turn around.

Time is money on site.

We hold stock of all the components and proudly manufacture at our base in Peterborough. We often specify, calibrate and deliver within 5 working days.

8.      Add value to your development by combining Rainwater Harvesting with SuDS.

Use the tank for both Rainwater Harvesting and SuDS by simply specifying a pump and management unit.

Add £000s in property value, provide a year on year payback, and make your development more sustainable with a small additional cost of around £500.


9.      Reduce or eliminate other SuDS infrastructure.

Rain Activ provides such low discharge rates, development scale SuDS infrastructure such as balancing ponds can be reduced in size or removed.

This not only increasing valuable building space but can also reduce ongoing maintenance obligations.

10.  Industry leading low prices.

Our complete systems are often less expensive than a market leading flow control.

Full, ready to install systems, including Micro Drainage calculations start at just £1600+VAT


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