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FAQ Rain Activ

Q: What is Storm Attenuation
Q: How does Rain Activ work.
Q: Why is Rain Activ different from others on the market?
Q: How long do attenuation calculations take?
Q: I’d prefer not to use the system for Rainwater Harvesting- will Rain Activ work without?
Q: Can Rain Activ replace all SuDS requirements.
Q: Where can I purchase a Rain Activ system?
Q: What is typical dispatch time?

FAQ rainwater harvesting?

Q: What is Rainwater Harvesting
Q: What can you use rainwater for?
Q: Why should I use rainwater?
Q: Is rainwater better than drinking water for non potable use?
Q: Can I used harvested water during a hosepipe ban?
Q: How much will I save using rainwater harvesting?
Q: Is Rainwater safe? Does it go yellow? Is there a legionella risk?
Q: Does Rainwater Harvesting act as part of a SuDS system?
Q: What if I’m off grid? Can I use rainwater for potable purposes such as drinking and washing?

About Rainwater Harvesting Ltd

Q: What guarantees are provided?
Q: Does Rainwater Harvesting Ltd have a technical team?
Q: Can a member of the technical team come to my site?
Q: How long do orders take to arrive?
Q: Is Rainwater Harvesting Ltd a reseller?